About CORfine
About CORfine
  Rotary Die Cutter & Corrugated Converting Equipment  
  Corrugated Machine
  Our History - CORfine Omega Inc.
  For over 30 years, CORfine engineers have been working with customers providing solutions to solve a wide array of die cutting challenges and needs. From its beginnings as a supplier of die cutters and corrugated creasing attachments, CORfine expanded it's product line to include rotary and flat bed die cutting machines and rotary die making equipment. CORfine prides itself as the world's largest supplier of Web Fed Soft Anvil Rotary Die Cutters with well over 200 installations in operation worldwide. In November 2001, Omega International brought CORfine assets and created CORfine Omega Inc. CORfine Omega is made up of two divisions:
1.) Rotary Die Cutting Machinery and 2.) After Market Corrugated Parts.
Industrial Absorbent Material
Chipboard, Fiberboard
Polypropylene Mesh
Mastic with Poly Liner
Fiberglass  Batting
Corrugated Plastic
Non-woven Fabric Laminated
to Foam
Sand Paper
High Density Polyethylene
Single Face Corrugated Paper
Compressed Cellulose Sponge
Poly Coated Kraft Paper
End Product
Mats, drum tops, pads
Camouflage coverings
Paper Roll Headers, Box Partitions, Folding Cartons
Scouring Pads
Sound Deadeners
Automotive Floor Mats, Interior Carpet, Carpet Samples
Appliance, Residential and Industrial Insulation
Tote Boxes, Plant Protectors
Disposable Wet Mops
Sanding Discs and Pads
Meat Wrappers
Candy Packaging, Pizza Circles, Bakery Packaging
Utility Sponges, Dermatology Sponges
Stencils, File Folders
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